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World’s most radioactive person, kept crying tears of blood for 83 days, skin started falling off



Atomic power plant accident: Uranium, a radioactive substance used in atomic energy, is considered the most dangerous. After falling under its sway, a person cannot survive. One of these terrible accidents occurred in the atomic power plant in Japan, during which an employee was exposed to the highest level of radiation. Man would never have been confronted with such radiation. The radiation was so dangerous that the person cried tears of blood for 83 days and his skin began to fall off.

A man named Hisashi Ochi was helping assemble uranium at the Tokamura Atomic Power Plant. Normally carried out by a hydraulic pump, but with bare hands, three people exposed in the room to this dangerous radiation. Immediately afterwards, among the three people most vulnerable to radiation, he was breathing heavily. He was vomiting in a strange way. When he was brought to the hospital, the person was found to have no white blood cells, then the doctors were shocked.

The radiation effect began to appear all over her body, and blood oozed out of her eyes. It was from there that the suffering of thirty-five-year-old Auchi began, that doctors actually experimented with medical science to keep him alive against his will. Ochi was found to have absorbed 17 sieverts, which had never happened before or since on a human.

Doctors at the hospital worked to keep him alive through a blood transfusion and a stem cell transplant. The operation was a medical success and kept him alive, but it was very painful for Ochi. He allegedly kept shouting, “I can’t take it anymore! I am not a guinea pig!’ On his 59th day in hospital, Ouchi suffered three heart attacks, but each time doctors were able to revive him at the request of his family.

After 83 days of untold pain, Auchi’s body gave out and he died of multiple organ failure. Yutaka Yokokawa, the technicians’ supervisor, also received treatment, but was released after three months due to minor radiation exposure. He was then charged with negligence in October 2000.

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