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Yoga is now a global movement: Prime Minister Modi’s message on Yoga Day will be featured in 180 countries



New Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on International Yoga Day on Wednesday that India has always nurtured traditions that connect, embrace and embrace and called for an end to contradictions, obstacles and resistance through the yoga. In a video message, the Prime Minister said Indians have always welcomed and supported new ideas and celebrated the country’s rich diversity.

He said: “Whether it is the culture or the social structure of India, the spirituality of India or its ideals, the philosophy or the vision of India, we have always nurtured by traditions that connect, adopt and embrace. We welcomed new ideas, protected them. We have enriched the diversities, celebrated them.

Wishing the compatriots a happy yoga day, Prime Minister Modi said the spread of yoga is an extension of the idea of ​​India, which includes the whole world as one family. He said, “Expansion of Yoga means expansion of the mind of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’. Therefore, the theme of the G-20 conference chaired by India this year is also One Land, One Family, One Future.

The Prime Minister said that yoga creates such a healthy and powerful society, whose collective energy is multiple. He said that over the past few years, from resolutions like Swachh Bharat to campaigns like “Startup India”, from building a self-reliant India to rebuilding a cultural India, the country and the country’s youth have seen a lot of that energy. contribution. He said, “Today the spirit of the country has changed, so people and life have changed.

The Prime Minister said: “Yoga expands our inner vision, connects us to consciousness which makes us feel the unity of all living beings and gives the basis of love for all living beings. Therefore, we have to eliminate our contradictions through yoga. We must eliminate our impasses and our resistances through yoga. We must present the spirit of “One India, Best India” as an example to the world.

He said that every year on Yoga Day, he remains present among the common people in one or another event, but this time he was unable to do so during his American trip. He said on Wednesday evening he would participate in the Yoga Day celebrations at the United Nations headquarters. He said it is historic and unprecedented that more than 180 countries of the world are coming together for yoga at the call of India.

The Prime Minister said that when the Yoga Day proposal arrived at the United Nations, a record number of countries supported it. He said, “From then until now, through International Yoga Day, yoga has become a global movement, has become a global feeling.

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