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YouTuber Mark Robber dropped an egg from space, watch the video, what happened next?



Mark Rober drops an egg from space: Popular YouTuber Mark Robber is always in the limelight for his fun science gadgets and videos. Please say that he is also a former NASA engineer. Another video of him has now caused panic. Robber dropped a Space Egg which fell into Victor Valley. However, he had this experience earlier this year. But this video was uploaded on Friday.

Although things didn’t go as planned the first time around, everything went well the second time around. There was only one problem, the moving fins couldn’t stay under control after the rocket crashed. The goal was for the weather balloon to reach the edge of space with an egg inside a rocket. After that, this rocket was expected to separate from the balloon and return.
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According to Mark Robber, the cost of this project was very high. It hasn’t all been easy. He said his engineers had to work hard to make it a success. In fact, the plan was to drop the egg from a safe space so it wouldn’t break. But at first the eggs were broken. In fact, the egg was released at a controlled speed.
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This 26-minute video is causing a stir on YouTube. Over a million people have seen this video in two days. People are continuously commenting after watching this video. Meanwhile, the YouTuber earlier spoke about his son. He revealed that his son had special needs. It was the first time Mark had spoken about his son’s condition and how children with autism see the world differently.

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