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Zelensky in America: “Ukraine is alive and active…” Zelensky said addressing US Congress



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Ukrainian President Zelensky arrives in the United States on his first foreign trip
Zelensky was sworn in while addressing a joint session of the US Congress.
Zelensky said: “Ukraine is alive and pushing them”

Washington. The Russian-Ukrainian war will last more than 10 months. Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky arrived in America on his first foreign trip and met with US President Joe Biden. During it, Zelensky also addressed members of the US Congress on Wednesday. Zelensky said: “Ukraine is alive and pushing them, Ukraine will never surrender.” According to ANI, Zelensky, while addressing a joint session of the US Congress, took an oath that “his country will never surrender to Russia”. Ukraine has its border. Despite all the obstacles, Ukraine has not collapsed.

Zelensky added: “Russian tyranny has lost control over us, but we are not afraid. We won the first phase of the attack. After that, members of Congress also pledged to continue their support for Ukraine.

Zelensky told members of Congress that “More than 300 days have passed since the war, Ukrainian soldiers are defending their country, but they need more weapons to win on the battlefield. The battle ahead is full of brutality and your support is vital not only to stand up in such a battle but also to win the battlefield. This fight cannot be stopped or postponed, so it cannot be ignored.

Suffice to say that America has announced additional military aid of $1.8 billion for Ukraine. For that, Zelensky thanked Biden and all American citizens.

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